Good Morning


«Scene: Hero and Darkon»

Hero: Was there really no other way to end this? We couldn't come to an understanding?

Darkon: No…Unfortunately, not at all.
Darkon: Deep in my hear, I know Suki would never want a world without free will.
Darkon: But I was angry. I was so angry that my naivety led to everyone I cared about being harmed.
Darkon: So much that I ignored Suki's final wishes and my duty as a Prince.

«Zoom in on Hero and Darkon»

Darkon: Either I became exactly like my brother, or I would pay for what I've done.

«Scene: A figure becomes decimated»

«World becomes normal»

«Scene: View of Earth from space»

«Scene: Hero and Darkon»

The Arcana: Thank you and…
The Arcana: My deepest apologies.

Darkon: My ancestors' promise has been fulfilled. With all twenty-two Primordials summoned, the Arcana have become one.
Darkon: Even if The World has failed, they have no obligation to help me any further.
Darkon: In the grand scale of the universe, I'm nothing but a speck of dust to them.
Darkon: Lore is just a piece of debris.
Darkon: They've scarred our home, and all they can offer back are six measly words.

«Camera pans down on the sunshine»

Hero: I think that's the best the Arcana can do.
Hero: Every time they've meddled, they made things worse.
Hero: And some of that came after Alprecha started to care.
Hero: It's not an excuse, but I understand what that's like…

Darkon: Haha, the Do Twins really did show you everything.

«Camera focuses on Hero and Darkon»

Darkon: You mentioned before…The reset you caused was a mistake?

Hero: Thanks for putting me on the spot back there. Though, it is kind of like that.
Hero: I don't have any memories of being the Dragon of Time.
Hero: It's still hard to believe that's the truth…
Hero: The outcome may have been for the better but letting Galanoth slay me was a decision I made as The Dragon.
Hero: Not as a person.
Hero: I didn't put enough weight on how I was taking everyone's destinies into my own hands.
Hero: All of the achievements, happiness, tragedies, moments with meaning in the timelines before I reset everything…
Hero: It's all gone. It'll never be the same.
Hero: In those version of Lore, you and Suki might have married and grown old.
Hero: Or at least, still be together.
Hero: Do you think I deserve to be punished too?

Darkon: …From now on, will you try to strive for balance as a person?
Darkon: Not as The Dragon of Time?

Hero: Yes.

Darkon: Then you deserve a chance.
Darkon: Me, on the other hand…I keep breaking my promises.
Darkon: There's nothing left for me, and there shouldn't be.

Re: You've always kept your promises. We would have died if it weren't for you.

«Re, Fa, Ti, Mi, and Song Rivale appears»

Re: Fa and I would have never met.

Ti: Little Son. And dearest Mi. Would have been lost.

Darkon: I'm…I'm so sorry. When I die, you'll both fade with me.

Ti: We have already. Far outlived our. Lives.
Ti: The past years. Were a blessing.

Re: Aw Fa…
Re: I really wish we could have spent more time together. Did you know the sky can turn all sorts of colors?
Re: Not just red?

Fa: Then show me! Don't go!

Re: Don't be miserable on my behalf. Go see the outside with Mi and big sis Song!
Re: That's all I want. For you to be happy.
Re: I'll love you forever, Fa.

Ti: It was an. Honor. To serve you. Darkon.
Ti: If there is. A next life. We wish to. Meet you again.

Re: Not as soldiers, but as family.

«Ti and Re becomes decimated»

Fa: If it's for you, Re…I'll find a reason to keep going.

Mi: You were the first family I've ever had. I'll never forget you.
Mi: And I won't just survive. I want to make the world a better place too.

So: I've only been a burden. To you and to everyone who was kind to me.
So: Please forgive my failures.

Darkon: You have never done anything to disappoint me.
Darkon: I'm proud of you, and of the person I know you'll be in the future. Always.
Darkon: Aurola's efforts weren't in vain. I wish she were here, surrounded by her loved ones.
Darkon: <Hero>, if only we had met earlier. Aurola knew we could have been like a family too.
Darkon: Would you be able to forgive me?
Darkon: If you can't, I understand.

«2 choices appear»

I can't speak for all of the people you hurt, but I forgive you.

After all the lives you took… I think you'll only find forgiveness in your dreams.

«Scene: Darkon near Prince Darkon statue»

«Suki appears»

Darkon: Suki! Is that you! Is this real, or is this a dream?
Darkon: I've lost my way. I wandered so far that I forgot who I was supposed to be.
Darkon: I'm so sorry, Suki.
Darkon: Could you ever forgive me? Could we ever be together again?

«Camera focus on Suki»

«Camera focus on Darkon»

«Darkon reaches for Suki's hand»

«Scene: White Screen»

Darkon: The morning sun, it's finally here.

«Scene: Darkon and Song Rivale»

So: Goodnight Dar…
So: Good morning, Dad.


«Scene fades»

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