Good Boy


«Scene: the Hero and Jinx confront a magpie holding the portal chakram in a junk heap»

Hero: It's ok, little guy. We're not gonna hurt you.

Jinx: Speak for yourself.

Hero: Shhh.
Hero: Don't listen to him, little… sneevil thing. No need to run
Hero: We just want the chakram.

«Question marks appear over the magpie's head»

Hero: That's it. Gooood boy. Steady… steeeeeaady…

«The magpie runs off»

Jinx: Bwaaaah! Get back here!

«Jinx prepares to attack»

Jinx: You little twerp! Get back out here and face me, you coward!
Jinx: You've got what's mine, and I'm not leaving until I get it back!

Hero: Not leaving til you get it back, huh?

Jinx: You shut up! I TOLD you I wasn't a fighter!

«Scene fades»

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