Gone Batty?



«Scene: Aurelio Voltaire and Moaney McBondy on the deck of the sunken ship»

Moaney McBoney: A bat… down here in the ocean??

Aurelio Voltaire: Technically, he's a gargoyle.

Moaney McBoney: I don't recall seein' any gargoyle either, matey. But me brain's not what it used teh be!
Moaney McBoney: If he were down here, though, he mighta ended up in th'cargo hold.
Moaney McBoney: Thar be a locked room down there. If there DO be treasure in this ship, I'm bettin' that's where it's kept.
«Scene fades»

Aurelio Voltaire: Hey, thanks!

Moaney McBoney: Best be careful o' that sea witch, though. She's not so friendly to anyone who be messin' with her ship… or her merdraconian followers.

Aurelio Voltaire: …Sea witch?

Moaney McBoney: ….braaaaaains?

«Scene fades»

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