«Scene: Aranx and the Hero face a corrupted Arthelyn»

Hero: I don't think that worked. She still looks pretty corrupted to me.

Aranx: No! Look, she is fighting it off!

«Arthelyn screams (REEEE) and shatters the pocket dimension. Aranx and the Hero are thrown out»

Hero: Ugh.
Hero: Well, that got us back home, at least.

Aranx: Arthelyn?

«Aranx looks around»

Aranx: She's… she's not here.

Hero: What even happened? It looked like that pocket dimension shattered.

Aranx: It did. Arthelyn… she broke free.

Hero: But where is she? She didn't come through with us…
Hero: Is she even herself again?

Aranx: I do not know.
Aranx: But I will find her. And when I do… I guess we will find out.

«Scene fades»

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