Golem's Defeat


«Scene: Killed Mana Golem»
«Screen fade»

Ledgermayne: You were foolish to interfere with our plans, hero.

Hero: I told you… I can't let you kill my world.

Ledgermayne: The Chaos Focus Gem was destroyed. The Supreme Arcane Staff cannot be completed.
Ledgermayne: Return home and trouble us no more.
Ledgermayne: If you attempt to battle this form with the incomplete staff, it will have no effect.

Hero: You left a few shards of the Chaos Focus Gem behind, Ledgermayne.

Ledgermayne: Fascinating.
Ledgermayne: It becomes clear that you cannot be dissuaded from this self-destructive course.
Ledgermayne: You must be dealt with.

Hero: Bring it on, Bulb-head!

Next Chaos Lord Ledgermayne To be continued

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