Gole Den

Dwarven Slave
Are my eyes deceiving me? Are you really… a Human?! No, no, that can't be true…. all the dust in my eyes must be clouding my vision…

After completing the Dwarfhold Chaos Saga:

Head of the Dwarfhold Aegis
Vath was defeated and Chaos has been flushed from the mountain's veins, for the most part. It's all thanks to you! Call me Gole Den, and I try to be as golden as my name, ha! I led the defense of Dwarfhold Keep and suffice to say, I turned out to be as sturdy as a rusted gate. I won't dwell on this failure, not when you gave me another chance. If you could be so kind, would you help us fortify our defenses?

The Dwarves follow the direction of their elders instead of a King. We inhabit the mountain and its immediate surroundings. Human towns nearby may or may not fall under Greenguard rule. We trade with them and other races regardless. Still, I do worry that the Dwarves may paint all Elves in the same light as Vath from now on.

Aegis, a fancy name that doesn't mean anything anymore. I was the leader of Dwarfhold's Aegis. We were smashed to pieces by Vath and enslaved first. I didn't even get to help you take that Drow down. This shame was brought about by our arrogance. Centuries of defending against greedy outsiders and Dragons looking to nest in our home have become undone. I swear, we'll learn from this lesson.

The Dwarves are sheltered by the mountain, and fed by the riches from its veins. In return, we protect our home and live well, but humbly. These stones swallow greed. There were people who overmined this mountain before the Dwarves came to call it home, and disappeared into its depths. It was wishful thinking on our part, but we had hoped Vath would eventually go the same way. Thankfully, you arrived.

- Gole Den's Quests
- Dwarfhold Merge

Location: Dwarfhold Keep

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