Golden Onslaught


«Scene starts with a lot of people from Battleon and Dwarfhold all in Gravelyn's castle at ShadowFall.»

Yulgar: … and his axe was just sitting there. Why would Artix leave his…

Southwick: … Alteon hasn't been seen in a week, they say he…

Sir Pent: …the cave was just empty! It's not like Galanoth to leave a dragon just…

Gravelyn: *ahem* Heroes of Battleon, thank you all for coming on such short notice. I know that some of you serve me and others serve King Alteon…
Gravelyn: …but we are all fighting toward one common goal. However, it seems that someone didn't get the memo.
Gravelyn: Our friends and allies have been captured.

All Heroes: WHAT?!

Reens: The King has been kidnapped?

Yulgar: That explains why Cysero finally left the tub!

Gravelyn: Quiet, please!
Gravelyn: I know who has taken them and I should have seen it coming. Allow me to read it for you now, and it will answer most of your questions.

Gravelyn, Reading: Greetings Gravelyn, I am Maximilian Lionfang, Archlord of the Golden Onslaught… and I have taken many of the supposedly "Good" heroes into my care…

«Scene fades into the heroes of lore trapped by Lionfang in a cage, Warlic suspended on the wall by his hands, Twilly in a cage, and Cysero in a circle drawn on the floor.»

King Alteon: Lionfang, you were once my loyal general. Why were we all tricked into coming here? I don't understand.
King Alteon: Explain your actions and release us!

Lionfang: Don't you know? Can't you understand, ""Good" King Alteon? If you were truly GOOD then you would know… that there is NO PLACE for Evil in this world.
Lionfang: The Darkblood Scroll will lead me to the ultimate weapon against Chaos… we no longer need to side with this EVIL SCUM! The Great Truce is OVER!

Robina: Lionfang, King Alteon, and Empress Gravelyn have made a truce between Good and Evil, until Chaos… the real threat to Lore… can be eliminated.
Robina: You don't even have this "weapon", yet but even if you did you MUST know that we'd be stronger together. You are blinded by your hate.

Lionfang: Your foolishness shall not be tolerated! You will be taken to the hero stretching rack! (Hero-Stretching-Rack ™ - Makes heroes both taller and more agreeable)

Artix: Touch one hair on her head and I will…

Lionfang: Ah, the Paladin Artix, shining beacon of Good. Have you really fallen for this as well?
Lionfang: You are a HERO…
Lionfang: …you have defeated COUNTLESS undead, and you still believe that you can have a real truce with Evil?

Artix: The only way to win against Drakath and his Chaos Monsters is for everyone to work together!
Artix: It is not too late to undo this. Stand united with us against our common foe so that we have the strength to save Lore from Chaos!

Lionfang: NO! You are WRONG!
Lionfang: LIGHT will burn bright against darkness AND Chaos! This truce makes us WEAK. Good MUST triumph over Evil!

Cysero: YAY!

Lionfang: I know that you are all Good-at-heart, which is why I have gathered you all together in my tower… to wake you up to the truth! And I plan on letting you all go free…

Cysero: YAY!

Lionfang: …After I have tortured you until you see that my way is correct.

Cysero: YAY!

J6: Cysero… You don't even know what's going on. Do you?

Cysero: YAY! I love parties!

Lionfang: My army will purge the world of Evil and EVERYONE who allies themselves with it.
Lionfang: Soon, my army will march across the world!
Lionfang: The Golden Onslaught will burn every corner of it that has been touched by Evil's wicked influence!
Lionfang: Then I will use the Darkblood weapon against Chaos and only TRUE GOOD will remain on Lore!
Lionfang: Nothing can stop the GOLDEN ONSLAUGHT!

«Scene fades out back to Gravelyn holding the scroll, reading it.»

Gravelyn, Reading: …Do not attempt to send heroes of Battleon to rescue their comrades, as my tower has been surrounded by a Death Fog that will kill any living thing that it touches.
Gravelyn, Reading: Even though you are Evil, my honor demands that I warn you of your impending doom. Gravelyn, there is no place in this world for Evil like you and your minions.
Gravelyn, Reading: **Prepare to be burned off the face of Lore by the searing light of TRUE Goodness!

Hero: Gravelyn! We have to save them!

Reens: But the letter said that any living thing that touches the Death Fog…

Gravelyn: The Death Fog kills any LIVING thing that enters it, that is true.
Gravelyn: But you cannot kill that which is already dead! An army of the undead can not be harmed by the fog!

Dorian Mode: …….


«Scene zooms in to focus on Gravelyn, who's eyes and hands glow red.»

Gravelyn: We WILL save our allies and friends!
Gravelyn: Back in my father's day he used his army of the undead to attack your towns.
Gravelyn: But it seems thast fate has a sense of irony. Now… to save our friends…

Hero: Empress Gravelyn, you can't possibly mean…

Gravelyn: EACH ONE OF YOU must be transformed into undead!
Gravelyn: …and as and unstoppable Undead Army we shall march through the Death Fog into Maximilian Lionfang's fortress and save our friends!
Gravelyn: I now command you…. good or evil…. to BECOME my undead army. At least for a while. WHO IS WITH ME!?

«Scene fades»

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