Glutus the Gluttonous


«Scene: Ashfall»

Galanoth: You've spent the past week training, honing your skills, and preparing to fight the deadliest dragons Lore has seen!
Galanoth: And now you're ready for your first major mission:
Galanoth: Hunt down and slay the man-eating dragon, Glutus!

Hero: Man-eating, huh? He sounds pretty dangerous.

«Scene: Glutus' cave, shrouded in darkness except for two flames in the bottom corners»

Galanoth: He is. Many Dragonslayers have gone after him, but none have come back.

«Glutus breathes fire»

«Smoke rises»

Galanoth: Rumor says that when a Dragonslayer gets too close, he roasts them with his fiery breath.

«Scene: Ashfall»

Galanoth: Needless to say, this has made it difficult for anyone to get close enough to kill him.

«Galanoth raises the shield he is holding»

Galanoth: Which is where this comes in! It will help us block the flame so we can get close enough.

Hero: Sounds like my kind of challenge!
Hero: So, where do we find this guy?

«Galanoth and the Hero look at smoke in the distance»

Galanoth: We follow the smoke.

«Scene: Glutus' cave - there are the bones of fallen Dragonslayers on the ground and another one roasting on a spit»

Hero: Well, I think we've found your missing Dragonslayers.

Galanoth: He's… barbecuing them?!

«Scene: the Hero and Galanoth»

Hero: You said he was a cruel beast, but this is just disrespectful.

Galanoth: This abomination will pay for what he's done!

«Scene: two Sneevil Minions»

Sneevil Minion: Boss! BOSS!

Sneevil Minion: We've got another one!

Sneevil Minion: TWO of 'em!

«The cave shakes»

Hero: Sneevils?!
Hero: Why would a scary, man-eating dragon want to keep Sneevils around??

Galanoth: Just get ready to fight!

«Glutus shakes the cave»

Glutus: More Dragonslayers? Already?
Glutus: This must be my lucky day! I'M FAMISHED!

Galanoth: …What?

Hero: Bah hah hah! That isn't scary at all!

«Hero walks up to Glutus»

Glutus: Is it really wise to mock the dragon who's about to devour you?

Hero: What are you going to do, huh? You can't even move! We can just walk right up to you and-

«Glutus breathes fire. The Hero retreats behind Galanoth's shield.»

Hero: …oh.

Galanoth: Don't forget what I told you about this one!

Hero: As soon as you get too close, he blasts you. Right.

Sneevil Minion: You toast 'em, we'll roast 'em, boss!

Sneevil Minion: Yeah! We've got a couple empty spits just waiting for these guys!

Galanoth: This time, he's up against two of us! Go on, I'll block the flame!

Hero: You take the fire, and I take the dragon. Got it!

«The Hero charges forward»

«Scene fades»

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