Glutus, Take 2


«Scene: the late Glutus' cave»

Sneevil Minion: The boss is dead!

Sneevil Minion: He's dead!

Sneevil Minion: Run!

Sneevil Minion: Flee!

«The two Sneevil Minions run off»

Galanoth: The first of these seven terrible dragons has been slain.
Galanoth: At last, this corner of the countryside is safe.

Hero: Man… look at that cave.

«Scene: Glutus' stash»

Hero: Look at all that food he'd hoarded away! Livestock, canned meat, barrels of juice…
Hero: He didn't even NEED to hurt all those people. He just did it out of…

Galanoth: Gluttony.
Galanoth: But that's what dragons DO.
Galanoth: They slaughter, and devour, and destroy.
Galanoth: It's what drove me to the Order of Dragonslayers - seeing their evil firsthand, and knowing I had to drive it from Lore.
Galanoth: There are still 6 more deadly dragons terrorizing this area alone.
Galanoth: And I will not rest until they have all been slain.

«Scene fades»

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