Northlands Monk Trainer
May the storm stay true in your heart, Adventurer. You may address me as Glaze. We seek cold blooded warriors who will make excellent Monks. Do you think you have what it takes to become as cold as ice?

What is a Northlands Monk?
Deep inside the mountains of the Northlands live a sect of Monks who derive all their power from the ice around them. Cold and unforgiving, crossing these monks may prove to be a fatal mistake.

How to get?
To become a Northlands Monk, you must wait until Frostval (December) to battle the Frozensoul Queen at /frozensoul for a chance to obtain it as a drop.

How to use?
Recommended Enhancement: Wizard
These warrior-monk hermits channel their icy powers to invoke the spirit of Frostval, giving gifts to instill healing and supporting your allies with extra accuracy, damage , and haste. They are also able to see who's not been nice and dish out some damage over time and reduce their haste and defense.

Location: Class Hall B


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