Spirit of the Former Champion of Ice
The Plane of Ice can be a dangerous place for humans. But with a little guidance from one of Kyanos' former Champions, two strong heroes like yourselves should have no trouble facing its challenges.

Show me the Past
Have you forgotten some of what came before? A hero like yourself who has seen so much surely needs a reminder now and again. Where can I take you?
Frozen Tower
Frozen Ruins
Cryostorm War (Location)
Icewind Pass

- Glace's Quests

After completing the 'Defeat the Enfield' quest:

Spirit of the Former Champion of Ice
Did you get the answers you were seeking? Maybe not the ones you thought you were looking for, but the ones you needed, all the same. Now that Abel knows who he truly is, he can help both Lore and the Plane of Ice in ways he could not have, before.

Location: Ice Plane
Note: Also see Image of Glace.


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