Girl, They're Gonna Slay



«Scene: Hero, Glisel, and Beleen»

Beleen: The Carnaval of Love - has there ever been anything in all of Lore that was more… well, more ME?

«Beleen wiggles in place»

Beleen: I'm SO HYPED!

Glisel: Same! I worked so hard designing the perfect costumes for the dancers.
Glisel: I can't wait to see how good they look!

«Beleen looks at Glisel»

Beleen: Girl, theyre gonna SLAY.

«Glisel gets an unsure expression»

Glisel: I hope so. If this goes well it's gonna be great for my career!

«Scene: Many characters on a castle balcony»

King Pagolo: Ladies and gentlemen, and creatures of the sea!
King Pagolo: The kingdom of Fezzini welcornes you to its annual Carnaval of Love!
King Pagolo: On this day, we celebrate everyone who has been hit by Cupid's arrow.
King Pagolo: From the newest budding courtship to the most long- lasting romance…

«Close up on King Pagolo and Valentina»

King Pagolo: And, of course, my love for my beautiful wife, Valentina.

«Screen slides right to show Salvaza

Salvaza: *whisper* Shouldn't we keep the focus on our citizens, your majesty?

Queen Valentina: *whisper* Surely they are not so easily offended.
Queen Valentina: Let the festivities begin!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Three dancers»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: A crowd of characters»


«Scene fades»

«Scene: Beleen, the Hero, and Glisel at the back of the crowd»

Beleen: Do you hear that? They love it! They love US!

Glisel: I can't believe it! Everything's so PERFECT!

Hero: Uh, guys?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: The dancers appear to be in pain»

Hero: Was THAT supposed to happen?

«Scene: the King, the Queen, and the others on the balcony»

King Pagolo: What's going on down there?

Queen Valentina: The dancers… they look like theyre… are they dropping dead??

Salvaza: Why, yes. I think they are.

Jim Spun: But look at those DRESSES! They're FABULOUS!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: The dancers have turned into zombies»

«Scene: the crowd screaming»

Run! RUN!
Ha, ha! Girls wanted cute love stuff and got zombies instead!

«Scene: Beleen, the Hero, and Glisel»

Beleen: Did he seriously just say that.

Glisel: What? WHAT??
Glisel: Oh, no! This is a DISASTER!

«Scene fades»

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