Gift Giving


«Scene: Artix's Wedding»

Preacher: Does ANYONE ELSE have a reason these two should not be wed?

«Hero raises their arm»

Hero: I DO!

Preacher: /facepalm

Hero: Before these marry, I need to give them a special gift!

Choose your ending:

Hero: I got you…
Hero: …the key to the Zardis!

Michelle: The Zardis!!!!!!

Adam: The Zardis!!!!!!

Zardis: Time traveling green call box of borderline copyright infringement +5. "Thank you fair use parody law!"

Hero: I was going to give it to your for your honeymoon… but then I realized there were a few people who really wanted to be here!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a whole lot of people are now at Adam and Michelle's wedding»

Michelle: WOW!!! You brought… everyone…

Adam: <Hero>, this is the greatest present of all time… I don't know what to say…

Hero: Hold that thought, there is one more…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: King Alteon steps out of the Zardis»

Michelle: KING ALTEON!!!


King Alteon: <Hero>, thank you for bringing me here to bare witness to this legendary wedding.

Adam: But… but… King Alteon… you… you…

King Alteon: Do not say a word more friend. <Hero> took me from 5 years ago.
King Alteon: I must not be told of my future or it will have unforeseen consequences on the future.
King Alteon: We are gathered here together for your special moment. Would you mind if I did the honors?

Preacher: … why not?

Michelle: It would be a great honor, sire.

Adam: It would be a great honor, sire.

King Alteon: By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you game maker and wife!
King Alteon: You may now kiss the bride!

«Adam and Michelle kiss»

Congratulations, Michelle & Adam!

«Scene fades»

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