Giant's House


«Scene: the Hero stands next to five children sitting around a fireplace in Yulgar's Inn»

Fhaux: Please tell us about one of your adventures!

Dayna: Something with monsters! BIG ones! GIANT ones!

Hero: Alright, this is the story of how I saved Battleon from the Green Dragon who was under control of the evil princess…

Langlee: HEARD IT, man. Tell us a DIFFERENT one!

Hero: OK, a story you've never heard. Have you ever heard about the time I saved a town from a hungry giant?

All children: No! Tell us!

«Scene: the doorstep of the giant's house»

«The Hero runs onscreen»

Hero: As soon as I arrived at the giant's castle I knew that…

«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Langlee: You can't just START at the castle! That's not how you tell a story!

Hero: Hey, do I tell you how to do your job?

Langlee: I'm 7.

Hero: Fine, how do I start the story?

All children: Once Upon a time.

Hero: RIGHT! I knew that. Once upon a time…
Hero: Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack.

«Close up on Hero»

Hero: Jack lived with his mother in a far off village. It was not a rich village but he and his mother had a happy life…
Hero: Jack was an… um… a bean farmer. But not a very good one.
Hero: One dry summer, the farm had only produced a handful of beans but a mysterious stranger offered to trade him his handful of beans for a magical Chickencow!

Cysero: ALL Chickencows are magical, by definition.

Hero: What?

«Scene zooms out to show Cysero sitting on the floor next to the children»

Cysero: They are magical creatures… created by magi thousands of years ago to provide eggs, milk, beef and fowl all from the same creature.

«Close up of Hero»

Hero: Well, this one was EXTRA magical. Jack decided to plant it in his field.

Cysero: Ah… he wanted to grow some GROUND BEEF!
Cysero: HA!

Fhaux: Shhhhh!

Hero: He thought it would grow a Steak N' Eggs tree.
Hero: But when he woke up the next day there was a black and white spotted ladder that went straight up into the clouds… and the entire village was gone.
Hero: Jack came here to find me for help, and together we climbed the ladder and found ourselves in a strange jungle in the clouds…

«Scene fades»

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