Before completing She Who Answers' Quests:

Horc Weaponsmith
Free and Strong! You want something? New weapon? That thing you hold not as good as Horc forged steel! Come look at weapons and find something new!

Ghaz happy to talk!

Horcs not much like art but two things Horcs DO like… stories and weapons! Ghaz have plenty of both! Ghaz best weaponsmith in many, many tribes. Ghaz study under Cysero and lean many ways of make GREAT weapons. Me teach you if you want.

YES! Ghaz study under Cysero. Him not take on students but him happy to make new friends! Him sometimes use magic but that OK because him have BIG respect for materials and craft. Even without magic, he know more about making weapon… and other things… than anyone! He teach me much.

Trolls OK with me. Me know history but that in the past. Ghaz happy to make new friends… even Trolls. Ghaz could teach Trolls many things about making weapon if they just ask! Until that day, me just make weapons for Horcs and new people like you!

- Ghaz's Weapon Shop
- Ghaz's Quests

After completing She Who Answers' Quests:

Horc Weaponsmith
Me thank Hero. Now with Trolls as allies, we make much great weapons! Is good to fight Chaos more.

- Ghaz's Weapon Shop
- Ghaz's Quests

Location: Bloodtusk Ravine


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