Welcome to Somnia. This city serves as a hub of knowledge for the realms of dream and nightmare. Many Dreamweavers and Mindbreakers come here to learn, and to hone their skills. Is that why you are here, too?

Dreamweavers are magic users that wield the forces of dream and nightmare. They create complex illusions, and can even trap their enemies inside a waking dream.

MindBreakers are psionic warriors that use psychic energy in unison with weapons that were crafted from raw dream matter. No, we’re really NOT anything like the Dreamweavers. For one thing, we can fight while we’re awake.

MindBreaker Class
Unlock the exclusive MindBreaker Class when you buy a 12,000 AdventureCoin pack.

- Class Skills

Is it surprising to hear that creatures of Dream and Nightmare both live in this place? They are really not so different… after all, what makes a dream good, or bad? Nothing more than the perception of the dreamer. You will discover that, too, as you explore our home.

Unlock all of the MindBreaker WyvernRider gear when you buy the pet, or get individual items from the shop.

- WyvernRider Guard

- Gevan's Quests

Location: City of Dreams


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