Get Out! (2)


«Scene: Re and Hero stand next to Creature 6's body on Screen 10»

Hero: What a mess. At least it's over.

«Scene: Creature 6's body turns bright red»

Hero: Wh —

«Scene: The body turns even brighter red and explodes, blowing Re away»
«Scene: Close up on Hero and Re with half of her right arm missing»

Re: You gotta stand back when one of these starts singing their Swan Song.
Re: Your super-special hero powers might have kept you safe in the village, but it definitely wouldn't have kept you from turning into a stove stain.

Hero: Your arm…

Re: Case in point. No worries, though. I lost the boring squishy one a long time ago.
Re: Lost a lot of replacements too actually. Uuuuugh. Fa's going to get SO angry at me for this.

Hero: Wh -- Why did you save me?

Re: Isn't it obvious? We're partners, buddy!

Hero: Stop with your jokes! What are you really after? What's going on?

Re: What do you mean, "joke"? We wiped a whole village off the map. We're basically blood brothers.
Re: As for everything else, don't go worrying about that.
Re: Besides, I make sure that I barely know what's going on. Life's easier that way. You should go. Worry about treating yourself to something nice for dinner or something.
Re: I'd treat you myself but today is Re's official weekly game night with Fa.
Re: See you around, champ! If you start getting holes in your throat, or find a stray tentacle on your backside, see a doctor on the double!

Hero: WAIT!

«Scene: Re disappears»

Hero: Alright. self. Lessons for today? Anyone else that looks like HER gets strapped to a chair before they can move. And visit Cleric Joy and get vaccinated RIGHT AWAY. No bloodmoon sickness for me.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Re sitting on top of the guillotine and looking at So who is standing where the Hero previously stood»

Re: And which one are you this time?

So: An unnecessary query.

Re: Aw boo, the flavorless one. You better switch to spicy when it's your turn on the block.

So: Then I must assume that the experiment of Village 13 has concluded.
So: Please submit your report and omit all irrelevant subjects up to and including what small animals you have discovered could fit in your mouth.

Re: So, anything about how soft <Hero>'s throat looked is alright?

So: No.

Re: Pfft. kill-joy. How about I give you an oral presentation instead of a greasy paper?
Re: 1) Killing a couple of villagers made the rest paranoid.
Re: 2) That and the moon getting stuck in the sky got their minds weak and squishy. Great soil for the Entities to dig into and take over.
Re: 3) When my buddy barged in and stirred the pot even harder, they went nuts over the outsider with the fun hair.

So: To put it succintly, the hypothesis proved true and <Hero> is a beneficial presence.
So: Despite their status as an opposing Entity. I thank you for the report. In subsequent meetings, frivolous details may be discarded.

Re: Sure, sure. What about the others?

So: All experiments have gone according to prediction. Darkon has ordered the Scale's return. It is time to perform the next movement.

Re: Finally!

«Scene: Close up on Re»

Re: Oh, boy, <Hero>. I hope you can clear your calendar.
Re: I'll make sure you get front row seats to our performance.

Fade in text: To Be Continued…

«Scene fades»

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