George Lowe


Friday The 13TH Event!
Want to know how to get your friends in on the fun… and get something for yourself at the same time?
It's easy! All you need to do us click one of the buttons below to give your friends an exclusive Friday The 13th Event present!

What do your friends get?
A Special Friday The 13th Event quest item: The Marshmallow on a Stick! You can turn it into the Rare Roasted Marshmallow on a Stick during the event by roasting it on the campfire! Remember, once its gone, it won't be back! Don't Miss out!

What do YOU get?
If your friend already has an account you get the warm, fuzzy feeling of giving your friend a present. Who knows, Maybe they'll give YOU one back! if your friend starts a new account then you will get a portion of the Experience and Gold that they earn… FOREVER! if your friend becomes a member the you get 250 Adventure Coins for FREE!


Note: Replaced by Ranger Korin on Ranger Lowe Camp after defeating George Lowe-Viathan.

Thanks to rickyb20, Zheenx and .Shadow//

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