Dawn Vindicator Flag Bearer
Do you see the blasphemy this town is committing? If you carved a hole in their skulls, you'd either find nothing or an evil miasma. Not only do they abandon their children to go satisfy their bloodthirst in war, they're worshipping a malicious spirit! We, the Dawn Vindicators, came to save them but the town's too far gone.

You already follow our creed. I think you'd be welcomed with a high rank from initiation. For the Dawn Vindicators seek to purge beasts of all forms from Lore in the name of our Master's lost love. When the last of the fiends fall, the world will finally become the sacred garden it was meant to be. A garden for the human race.

False Idol
This shrine they have made to the corrupted is disturbing, to say the least. They enshrine minions of this ‘Liberator.' This foul creature who hides its form in the dark has tricked them into selling their souls. How idiotic when the true Liberator, our Master, walks in the light.

Are the forests of Dwarfhold not silent as they should be? Are the shadows still and our sleep restful? Be grateful to our Master Gramiel. The elven, horckish, and dwarven may pretend to keep to themselves, but have always proven to be violent by nature. Animals have children in litters. Why do they lash out so madly if we accidentally trample a few?

Location: Trygve


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