General Velm (NPC)

Demolitions Expert
Welcome to the Death Pit Arena, puny human! *Velm squints his eyes and sizes you up.* You look like a runt, even for a human, so we're going to want to get you some training before we send you in for a real fight. Once you are ready, enter the arena to the tunnel on the right!

Well, yeah. We expect all of you non-Drakel to be weak and pathetic, but we still want to put on a good show for Warlord Pax. If it doesn't keep him entertained, whats the point? It really gets the crowd pumped when they see one of you flashbags last for more than one fight!

After completing the 'Battle: You vs a Trobble!' quest and choosing not to kill the trobble:

Demolitions Expert
Pah. Puny human couldn't make a choice if their life depended on it. You aren't getting any further into the arena without making your choice! Make sure it's the right one…

After completing the 'Battle: You vs a Trobble!' quest and killing the trobble:

Demolitions Expert
I can't believe you're the last one standing from the pre-show rounds! I'm going to go ahead and have you fight in the real tournament, what do you think of that? How funny would it be if you actually beat a Drakel or two? Some of these guys really need to be taken down a peg, if you ask me.

After completing the 'Battle: You vs General Gall' quest:

Demolitions Expert
Psh. You made it through the pre-show rounds, but now the REAL battles start. Take down some Drakels… if you can.

After completing the 'Pax Defeated' quest:

Demolitions Expert
Well, that was certainly surprising. I guess things are going to be a little different around here now, eh? Feel free to stick around and keep training, though. I mean… there's no more fighting to the death, but we're Drakel! You can't expect us to just stop craving a good battle.

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- Death Pit Arena Rep

Location: Death Pit Arena


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