General Lionfang


«Scene: black screen»

A short time ago…

«Scene: King Alteon's throne room»

Hero: You sent for me, your majesty?

King Alteon: Yes, <Hero>. Thank you for coming so quickly.
King Alteon: I have a task for you.
King Alteon: One of my generals… a man named Lionfang… has need of your special talents.
King Alteon: He has been searching for a way to defeat Drakath and he might have a found something…

«A flash of chaos energy pulses through King Alteon»

«Screen fades out and fades back in.»

Hero: Sire, the followers of Evil consider you a mighty warrior and respect your strength and cunning.
Hero: The followers of Good love you for your wisdom, fairness and nobility.
Hero: The combined forces should be searching for a cure for your chaos infection, not…

King Alteon: <Hero>, the Great Truce between Good and Evil was formed to defeat Drakath and his Lords of Chaos…
King Alteon: …Not to save one man's life.
King Alteon: If Lionfang is correct then there might be weakness in Drakath's power.
King Alteon: Once Lore is saved, then there will be time for me.
King Alteon: Do as I ask. Go help Maximilian Lionfang.

Hero: As you wish, sire.

«Scene fades»

Later at Lion's Keep at the edge of Thunderforge…

«Scene: Hero goes to Lionfang's Keep, but is blocked by two guards when trying to enter.»

Guard: Halt!
Hero: Uh… I'm here on royal business. King Alteon sent me.

Lionfang: It's alright, let the hero pass.

«The two guards let the Hero through»

«Screen fades to Lionfang»

Lionfang: I apologize. Being stationed on the edge of Thunderforge has my men a little jumpy.
Lionfang: So you must be <Hero>… the hero that King Alteon has sent.
Lionfang: Another loyal soldier for Good, like myself.

«5 options to choose from:»

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