Gems and Gold!



«Scene: Floyd on a beach»

Captain Rhubarb: Almost got it… just a wee bit more…

Floyd: What d'ye think it'll be?
Floyd: Gems?
Floyd: Gold?
Floyd: Gems AND gold?

«Captain Rhubarb stands next to an open chest, holding a map»

Captain Rhubarb: Even better!

Floyd: Wot?
Floyd: Did we really just dig up a treasure chest and find… a map to another heckin' treasure chest?!

Captain Rhubarb: D'ye not realize what this is, matey?

Floyd: Delayed gratification?

Captain Rhubarb: It's a map to the Heart of the Sea King!

Floyd: Wossat? We got to cut it out his chest first?

Captain Rhubarb: Nay! It's not a REAL heart. 'Tis the biggest, shiniest gem Lore has ever seen!
Captain Rhubarb: Legend says it be CURSED - no pirate's ever been able t'keep hold of it for more'n a few days.

«Captain Rhubarb shakes the map»

Captain Rhubarb: It was lost ages ago when the last crew what had it vanished.
Captain Rhubarb: But it looks like someone knows where that ship went down!

Floyd: Ooo, they're gonna be so mad when we get to it first!

Captain Rhubarb: Yar. And if WE manage to recover not only will we be rich - we'll be LEGENDS!

Floyd: But didn't ye just say it be cursed?
Floyd: Maybe we can find the gem… but how we goin' te KEEP it?

Captain Rhubarb: We just need to put together a crew strong enough to beat the curse.
Captain Rhubarb: An' I know just the <guy/gal> to help!

«Scene fades»

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