Battle Gems Puzzle Barker
Step right up, Hero, and test your puzzle-prowess with the Lucky Day Fair's newest game: Battle Gems Mini! Connect rows of gems to clear the board in under 42 turns to win… then create your OWN puzzle board and share it with friends! Battle Gems mini is based on the full version of the Battle Gems mobile game (with combat, monsters, gear, skills, quests, and more) coming soom to the Apple app store!

Battle Gems Info
Click the link below to go to the Battle Gems website and get a preview of the most epic, out-of-control, over-the-top, puzzle battle game you will ever have at your fingertips. With over one hundred of the most insanely twisted monsters you could ever face. Collect over two hundred items, each of which will make you stronger than ever. Race your Facebook friends through a massive map, that will take you to crazy locations. Do you have the brass gems to take the ultimate challenge… Well - DO YOU?

Ooooh YEAH! Once the Lucky Day Fair is over, I will be setting up a version of my Battle Gems Mini game in Yulgar's Inn, just so's any Hero who wants to play it all year long… CAN!

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Thanks to rickyb20.

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