Garden Cutscene 3


«Scene: Fa sits on a treasure chest in a pile of skulls in the Garden. playing with her Shift, with the Hero standing below»
«Some electronic noises play»

Hero: So listen… I’ve been here for awhile… doing you a lot of favors.
Hero: Do you think… maybe… it’s time to lend ME a hand now?

«Fa puts down her shift»

Fa: Oh. Did I say I was going to help you?

Hero: You did.

Fa: Ugh. Why would I offer to do that? The moment my shift ends, I go into a coma which obviously won’t be helpful.

Hero: *sigh*
Hero: Well, listen. When I was up on the mountain, I saw this… crack in the ground. It looked like it might lead into some kind of underground cavern.

Fa: Very interesting.

Hero: So, do you have any idea what that might be?

Fa: Sounds like it might be dangerous.
Fa: But check it out anyways. If sticking your hand in every strange crack is the norm for hero-types…
Fa: You may just find your lost warrior.

«Fa goes back to playing with her Shift and some electronic noises play»
«Scene fades»

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