Garden Cutscene 1


«Scene: Fa sits on a treasure chest in a pile of skulls in the Garden. playing with her Shift, with the Hero standing below»

Fa: Good….oh, evening already?

«Fa puts down her shift»

Fa: You’re still here? I see, you must need something. I’m busy but I’ll see what I can do.

Hero: Busy?! You’re just playing on your GameThing!

Fa: I’m a part-time caretaker here at the Garden. Playing this ‘GameThing’ is the only way I can survive the shift.

Hero: Sure, whatever.
Hero: Anyway, there’s someone I’m looking for.

Fa: Is it me? I am unavailable until further notice.

Hero: No. There was a warrior who’s gone missing. His family has asked me to find him for them.
Hero: The last time anyone saw him, he was heading this way.

Fa: Sorry. If someone did come by, they were nice enough to not bother me, so I didn’t notice.
Fa: But the only place to go is up that mountain, so maybe you’ll find your warrior there.

Hero: Okay. Thanks.

«Fa stands up»

Fa: Better be careful, though.
Fa: There are many heroes who’ve wound up in this dimension, only to be lost forever.
Fa: Go ahead and eat something off the ground. Tell me how that goes. A lot of your kind get mad at me for trying for some reason.

«Scene fades»

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