Game Time


«Scene: a gray-colored beach»

Ziri: At this point… Ziri had <Hero> exactly where Ziri wanted <him/her>.
Ziri: No more goofing around or playing games…
Ziri: Ziri wished it was time to play some GAMES!

«In a puff of purple smoke, the previous scene appears on a screen on top of the Throne of Darkness table»


«Screen shakes - close up on Ziri»

Ziri: Oooh… hand on, Ziri needs some of dem cheatz codes.
Ziri: Up… Up… Down… Down… Left… Right… Left… Right!

«White screen showing that Ziri now has 9999 lives.»

«Previous scene is now on the game screen on the Throne of Darkness table»

Ziri: Ziri pre-purchased ALL the <Hero> DLC packs! Time to play!

«Scene fades»

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