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New AQW Game Menu
What is the Game Menu, and Where is it?
If you've logged into AQW recently, you've seen our NEW Game Menu! This dragon-headed menu of buttons is how you access some of the most important content in AQWorlds! It is available wherever you go in-game, giving you access to news, the weekly release, shops, and ways to enhance your battle-skills!

Here's a breakdown of what the Game Menu includes:

  • News: AQWorlds releases EVERY week, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of what all we've added! Check the news to see what's new!
  • Weekly release: We add a lot to AQW every Friday, but there is always ONE main release. The 2nd button on the Game Menu will take you straight there!*
  • Adventure Now: Not sure what to do? Go on a random adventure! This button will take you to a zone suitable for your character's level. Battle, get rewards, and have fun!
  • Special release: Special releases unrelated to the main weekly release can be found in THIS button! Right now, we're celebrating Galanoth the DragonSlayer's birthday in /lair!
  • Featured shop: Whatever shop we are currently featuring (a birthday shop, Quibble shop, holiday shop, etc) will appear here in the Game Menu!
  • Shops: Click this to see a wide selection of shops great for adventurers of any level! Whether you need low-level gear or high-level enhancements, you'll find them here!
  • PvP: Many of our experienced heroes love to battle monsters… and each other! Click the PvP button to queue up for a player vs player match!
  • Free ACs: Head to Ballyhoo and watch ads for a chance to earn free Adventure Coins!
  • Get Membership/Get ACs: This button opens up the in-game payment window. Read more about this below!

The Game Menu starts out open as soon as you log into AQWorlds, but you can close or open it back up by clicking on the Treasure Chest icon in at the bottom of your screen.

Changes to the Dragon Menu
What All is on the NEW Dragon Menu?
Good question! Scan your eyes about an inch down the site to see screenshots of the new menu! But if you prefer bullet points to pictures, here's a handy list:

  • Shops tab
  • Adventures tab
  • News of our weekly releases
  • Your map of Lore
  • A link to Ballyhoo
  • The In-game Payment button (Shows "Get Membership" if you are not upgrade or Get ACs if you have")

- Player Vs Player
- Map
- Get Membership
- Get ACs



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