Galanoth's Revenge?


«Scene: Air Storm»

Hero: Thank you all for coming so quickly. Warlic, I trust you're satisfied about the instability of Fire?

Warlic: Yes, but this news is of a much graver nature. Please, explain further. Your note was brief.

Hero: I — I… Am not sure how to begin.

As'iiur: The DragonSlayer is gone. I… do not know where.
As'iiur: He left in such a RAGE! His attack — I fended it off, never fear. I am safe, Hs'Sakar — interrupted my binding spell.
As'iiur: That is MUCH more important than my physical well-being. Without that, we cannot confine Desoloth.

Warlic: I cannot believe what you say. But… I cannot see any different. All is shrouded in the unnatural fog.

Hero: I have known Galanoth, battled by his side. His shield was mine, and mine his. How could this —

As'iiur: I fear for the safety of my Air Dragons, <Hero>. If your ally hurts my children…
As'iiur: I CANNOT hinder their retribution should he be found. I WILL NOT. My new Master — once raised — would demand it!

Dr'ader: If he is worthy of his role — and he will be — he would indeed demand it. Do not fear. No one angers over the loss of the spell.
Dr'ader: You are safe and, as far as we can tell, the Air Dragons still are, as well.

As'iiur: I — I must go. I have things to attend to. Errands to take care of, and — if my Master's children are to STAY safe — things that… must be done.

«As'iiur leaves the meeting»

Hero: ARRRGH! I cannot believe this! He would not! But…

Warlic: Galanoth MUST be found.

Hs'Sakar: For his sake… and ours.

«Screen fades»

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