Galanoth's Fear



Aria: Thank you both so much!
Aria: Gosh, I feel embarrassed that I let J6's holodeck illusion get to me so much.

Hero: No, don't. He really does know how to hone in on the exact thing that will make someone lose it.

Artix: Haha, yes… you are definetely NOT the only one, Aria!


Galanoth: Ah, this will be fun!
Galanoth: It's going to take a lot to scare me, J6! Let's see what you've got!

Aria: Galanoth! GUys, we should stay and help him!

Galanoth: Aria, how sweet of you! But I will be fine. I…
Galanoth: …oh. Oh, no.
Galanoth: Please, don't do this.

Hero: Huh? I don't get it. You're the head of the Dragonslayers.
Hero: How can this possibly be scary for you?

Galanoth: It… it IS my fault. I couldn't save them!
Galanoth: NOOOOO!

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