Galanoth Disarmed


«Scene: Water Storm.»

«Deep Dweller removes the plug, draining the room.»

Hero: Hellooooo? A little help here? Oh, right. Air Magic. Guess it's now or never. Ok, eggs. Steady… STEADY…

«The Hero and Warlic begins to float along with 3 eggs.»

«Scene: Hero and Warlic is talking with Hs'Sakar, Ll'rillor and Dr'Rader.»

Hero: I saw the eggs. They were not harmed by my combat with your guardian.
Hero: But you might have told him I was a FRIEND. It would have made the battle a non-issue.

Hs'Sakar: *dry chuckle* I am old, <Hero>. Life is a continual series of tests. You, most of all, are not exempt.
Hs'Sakar: You managed to wield the Air magic adequately, did you not? We were watching.

«Ang'st arrives.»

Ang'st: ArchMage, you MUST come! The DragonSlayer is grave peril. Desoloth has him. Time is short.

Warlic: Desoloth and… Galanoth! Earth support me, that can only mean… he WILL use the DragonSlayer's Sacrifice if he must!
Warlic: Getting in close enough to pierce the Wyrm's heart, putting his own life at risk. We must hurry!

Hero: What did you say, Warlic? Galanoth… a sacrifice? I must go! He is my shield-brother!

Warlic: NO. Ang'st knows Air better than you. I may need his strength. Stay here, help the Wise Ones.
Warlic: Without the new Prime Dragons, Desoloth will be unopposed, and Lore doomed.

«Scene: Galanoth prepares for battle at Etherstorm War.»

Galanoth: DESOLOTH THE FINAL! Your shriveled heart, your tainted blood, your very LIFE — are MINE!

«Galanoth jumps and swings at Desoloth.»

«Hs'Sakar, Ll'rillor and X'Dir prepare the three eggs.»

«Desoloth strikes Galanoth and knocks him out of the air.»

«The eggs hatch into the three new Prime Dragons.»

«Galanoth readies his blade for another attack.»

Galanoth: You will not live to threaten this world! I am the DragonSlayer, and you… are…. FINISHED!

«Scene: Galanoth jumps to strike at Desoloth again.»


«Galanoth's attack is intercepted by Desoloth and the DragonSlayer's arm is bitten off.»


Galanoth: I — I hope my arm CHOKES the filthy creature! I am… sorry… Warlic. I — triend! *cough*
Galanoth: Tell <Hero>… to SLAUGHTER — the beast — for me and — *sigh*… SAVE our world!

«Warlic's eyes glow.»

Warlic: You will NOT die, my friend!

«Warlic's entire body begins to glow with mana.»

Warlic: Gal — my friend. I pushed myself to the limit — you KNOW the limits I face!
Warlic: I could save your life but — the power required to save your arm, too… it would have meant drawing in more magic than I could handle.
Warlic: And then we would both be gone. And Lore, as well.
Warlic: I am so, so VERY sorry!

«Galanoth rises.»

Galanoth: One arm is not worth your life OR our home. I owe you my future!
Galanoth: I WILL survive. I AM the DragonSlayer.
Galanoth: With <Hero> and the Wise Ones, we WILL see Desoloth fall. This I promise!

«Scene fades.»

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