Head of the Order of DragonSlayers
Welcome, brave one, to Ashfall DragonSlayers' Camp. You have come at an excellent time… for BATTLE! Our camp is surrounded by the filthy beasts, but we are about to go in search of a much greater goal. I am Galanoth, head of the Order of Dragonslayers, and we are here to make sure that the 7 Deadly Dragons that inhabit this region can never terrorize Lore again.

7 Dragons?
It may be you have not heard of the 7 Deadly Dragons. They are terrible, Elemental Dragons that have become famous for their atrocities. Greedy, wrathful, pride-ridden - they're roasted many good Slayers where they stood, and committed atrocities I can barely mention. It falls to us to protect the world. I was glad to see you walk into camp today.

Yes, this is our newest camp. Senna, Gibbs, and Dedara set this up specifically for DragonSlayers who wish to hone their skills before we head off to face the 7 Deadly Dragons. There are three dragons in the area, and their minions. Help us clear them out, and you'll be rewarded. Think of this as… a warm-up.

You never know what kind of dragon you'll be facing. As a Dragonslayer you'll need to be ready for anything. Strength, Endurance and Dexterity are key abilities for a Dragonslayer! My Enhancements should help improve those stats.

Slayer General?
DragonSlayers who have the skill and talent may choose to become a DragonSlayer General. If that is your wish, meet my on the Elemental Dracolich Battlefield, and I will explain further.

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