Gaiazor (Cutscene)


«Hero defeats Gaiazor while Nevanna runs to the Horn, monsters disintegrate and corruption starts fading»

Ravinos: <Hero> did it! The Horn of Balance is playing again. I can feel the corruption fading.

Flix: The mana core beneath the World Tree is being restored!

Lapis: But so much of the land is already dead. It will never be what it was.

«The people of Brightoak Grove reunite with their Heroes, Nevanna and Hero»

Flix: You know you don't have to leave, Nevanna. This is still your home.

Nevanna: I can't stay here. Everything around me is a constant reminder of what happened… what I did.
Nevanna: And I still see fear and anger in the eyes of so many.

Ravinos: It was the corruption. It clouded my mind. I know this wasn't your fault.

Hero: Where will you go?

Nevanna: It's too late for Brightoak, but Gaiazor and I may be able to help stop the Queen of Monsters from doing this again.
Nevanna: We can protect other people's homes, even though I couldn't protect my own.

«Scene changes to Minion speaking to Queen of Monsters»

Minion: Your Majesty. We await your orders. We are ready to head out to recruit the Titan of Darkness on your command.

Queen of Monsters: No. I think not.

Minion: …no?

Queen of Monsters: No. Losing Nevanna has shown me the weakness in that plan. Basides…
Queen of Monsters: It would be the predictable thing, wouldn't it? It's where <Hero> will be looking for us, surely.
Queen of Monsters: And what is so frightening about something you can understand?

Queen of Monsters: Fear comes from the unknown. So, for now, we will be taking another path.

«Scene fades»

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