Future You - Part 2!'s Quests

Quest Locations:

Quests Begun From: Future You - Part 2!

Requirements: Must have completed the 'De-Lever-ence' quest to access these quests.

The spears carried by the Guardians of Anubyx are charged with tesseract energy. If you get a canopic jar from one of the mummies, you can use it to store that energy. When you have enough tesseract energy to fill the jar, activate the bridge by placing the canopic jar into the circular socket near the end of the walkway.

Items Required:

  • Canopic Jar x1
  • Tesseract Energy x5
  • Bridge Charged x1
    • Click on the blue arrow on Screen 9 once the above quest items are gathered


  • 800 Gold
  • 800 Exp
  • 200 Rep : Eternal

Thanks to Harrison.

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