Future You - Part 2!

It's you - from the future!
Before I head out, I'm going to help you - us! - out just a little bit more. There's a hard light bridge that goes across the gap in the next room. We'll need to charge it up, and then you'll be able to cross it and hit the third lever. I can't stick around for too long after that - you'll see why!

- Future You - Part 2!'s Quests

After completing the '4th Dimensional Teleport' quest

It's you - from the future!
You're on your own for now. But don't worry! You've still got the Prophecy to help you out. I am off to do something very, very stupid that will probably get us killed. Wish me luck, Past Self!

- Future You - Part 2!'s Quests



  • This NPC copies all your worn equipment excluding your pet.
  • Also see Future You.

Thanks to Harrison.

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