Future Selves



«Scene: Hero and Dage the Evil standing outside Shadowfall»

Hero: The Infernal Army seems to be heading away from Swordhaven, but we're not sure where they're headed next.

Dage: My Legion and I will go after them and find out.

Hero: Not yet - Victoria wants to try to find the people of Darkovia first, and try to get them to join our efforts.

Dage: And why should I care what Victoria wants? My Legion-

«Laken appears out of portal»

Dage: Who are you?!
Hero: Who are you?!

???: I'm from the future. And I need your help!
???: I've been sent back in time to find Dage, and bring him back with me to the year 3017.
???: We're desperate. Lore is being destroyed.
???: And he's the only one who can stop it.

Dage: I'm the only one who can stop it? Ha, ha, ha!
Dage: I think you must have me mistaken for a hero – are you sure you don't want <Hero>?

???: I don't know who <Hero> is, but if <he/she>'s some kind of hero then I'll gladly take <him/her>, too.
???: But, no. You're the one I came back for. We need to go, now!

Dage: And what should I blindly do what some stranger tells me to?

???: Because…

«Laken, without his helmet»

Laken: I am no stranger.

Hero: LAKEN!?!?
Hero: But… I don't understand! You betrayed the Legion! You and Dage are enemies!

Dage: Not this one.
Dage: He's… not our Laken. He's from another timeline. Another future.

Laken: The Laken you know traveled back in time…
Laken: …long ago, or far off in the future, depending on your perspective…
Laken: …to help you in your fight against Nulgath here in your present.

Dage: But he wasn't able to go back to his own time, because coming here changed his future.
Dage: So if you're here…

Hero: …then he's from the timeline where he stayed. He never came back to the past.

Laken: Exactly.

Hero: But why come back now?

Laken: It's like I said… we're desperate.
Laken: It might be better if I just showed you.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero, Dage, and Laken in a desolate wasteland»

Laken: Oh, no… how long was I gone??
Laken: I think we're too late…

Hero: What happened here?

Laken: The Legion did.
Laken: I was Dage's right hand man.
Laken: I helped him fight through the underworld to recover the lost half of his soul.
Laken: And with it, he finally became strong enough to defeat Nulgath.

Dage: Excellent! I knew I would eventually prevail!

Laken: You did! But you didn't stop there.
Laken: You battled your way through Yokai… Darkovia… Dwarfhold…
Laken: Killing everyone, and claiming their souls for your Undead Legion…
Laken: Until there was nothing left.

Hero: Where are we now?

Laken: This is what's left of Oaklore Forest.
Laken: When I left, it was the last holdout of the living. But now…

Hero: …look, I hate to say it, but if he really has destroyed all of Lore… then why stay?
Hero: There's nothing left to save.

«Scene moves up to a spacecraft in the sky»

Laken: You see that craft in the sky? That's Dage's Legion Dreadnaught.
Laken: It has the ability to travel to other worlds… and other timelines.

«Scene zooms back down»

Laken: So if he has killed all life on Lore…

Hero: …then he'll just go somewhere else and start over.

Laken: Exactly.

Hero: Alright, I'm in.
Hero: Let's take on the Future Legion!

«Scene fades»

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