Future of Swordhaven?


«Split-screen: On the left, Hero. On the right, Chaotic Alteon trying to fight Chaos. Screen flashes and turns translucent purple»

The fires that drive the warrior - King cannot be so easily extinguised. It may be that a new target has been chosen…

«Change scene, Lord Brentan in Swordhaven Castle Plaza»

Lord Brentan: What will become of him? Of us? It was only days ago he said…

«Screen flashes. Screen turns translucent brown; flashback»

King Alteon: Brentan! There you are, my boy.

«Scroll left, King Alteon, barely chaorrupted»

King Alteon: Beautiful, isn't it? She is the sigil of my house. Brave, fiercely loyal. She guards us all.
King Alteon: My wife and I - … I come here sometimes to remember…

Lord Brentan: Sir?

King Alteon: Forget it. We must focus on the NOW. On the people HERE.
King Alteon: On my daughter. You DO love Brittany. I can see it. Kneel, Lord Brentan.

Lord Brentan: With everything I am.

King Alteon: I know, boy. But how can you know what it is, to give your life to the realm?
King Alteon: If you are prepared to face the future with her… you have my blessing.

«Lord Brentan kneels to the King»

King Alteon: Dark days are ahead, and many battles.
King Alteon: I may… not survive them, but Brittany MUST become Queen!
King Alteon: She will be a Good Queen, and an excellent one, guarding the realm with all she has.
King Alteon: But who, I ask, will guard the guardian?

«Lord Brentan looks up to the King»

Lord Brentan: I will. As long as I live, I promise.

«Screen flashes white, then back to Lord Brentan in present. Chaos Sp-Eye nears Lord Brentan, Lord Brentan gets in attack position»

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