Future Of Fear


«Hero and Syrrus with Karok in midbattle»

Karok: Do you think I did not sense you, <Hero>?
Karok: I have watched "heroes" like you rise and fall for countless centuries.
Karok: You are predictable. Unimaginitive. And obvious.

Hero: Am I also… distracting?

«Hero attacks Karok, zoom in to Syrrus»

Syruss: Lorentz… Forgive me for not doing this as soon as he stepped out of the Gate…

«Syruss launches a big blue fireball to Karok and he goes flying off, change scene to stars with the big blue fireball falling. Change scene, Hero and Syruss, bunch of death FrostSpawn on the ground»

Hero: We know three things. One: Karok's body should be here.
Hero: Two: It ISN'T here. And three.
Hero: You and I didn't kill all these FrostSpawn.
Hero: So if Karok is alive… we've got a blood mage on our hands.
Hero: AND we've got to find him before he can gather the rest of his Horde.

Syruss: Reports from our scouts came in overnight.. They say a maelstrom has formed in the center of our ring of broken islands.

Hero: That sounds bad, but not out of line with all that's happened recently.
Hero: We're seeing catastrophic changes across the world.

Syruss: There's a huge chunk of what used to be the Astarian Plains floating above the maelstrom.
Syruss: And now a huge storm is building over the tower SOMEONE has gone and built on it.

Hero: You're right. That IS worse. But after everything that's happening…

Syruss: And, more curious… swarms of spiders have been seen crawling towards it.
Syruss: Do you think -

Hero: It looks like the FrostSpawn are here to stay, and the Queen of Monsters will be here soon…
Hero: If she isn't already.
Hero: We need to regroup, gather warriors and resources.

«Change scene, Queen of Chaos's throneroom, Karok with two other people present»

Queen of Monsters: Did you enjoy my gift? Once I saw what you could do…
Queen of Monsters: I knew that we would work well together.
Queen of Monsters: He was not strong. I saw his easy defeat. But that was intentional.

Karok: You sent me a flawed gift?

Queen of Monsters: Yes. Precisely. And now <Hero> has seen how easily your creatures fall.
Queen of Monsters: That is an excellent thing, because -

Karok: Aaah, yes. It will give him hope. Reassure his peons that victory is within reach.

Queen of Monsters: Hope is so… fragile. So easily abused.

Karok: As are those who cling to it.

«Queen of Monsters casts a spell that makes a screen appear, through the screen is seen Frozen Ruins with Refugees worried and armed warriors»

You have something I can use: a ready legion of monsters crawling across this land.

«Change scene, Karok at a vault with money and chests»

You and your horde will continue ravaging and pillaging…

«Change scene, Queen of Monsters with dead people on the ground»

And I will feed on the fear they spread as they terrorize this world.

«Change scene, Queen of Monsters and Karok»

Your horde will be my instrument, and I will see you well rewarded.

«Change scene, back at the throne room»

Queen of Monsters: What do you say to that, Fallen One?
Queen of Monsters: You will rule this world, and I will devour its heart.

Karok: It is an excellent arrangement… My Queen.
Karok: … For now.

Queen of Monsters: Then see to your horde, but quickly. There is much to discuss.

«Scene fades»

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