Furblix... Feegrix...Furbles



«Scene: Oishii and the Hero in front of a table with a Furble and piles of fruit»

Oishii: Hero! I'm so glad you're here early! We could really use a hand setting up.

Hero: I see we've got some aliens at our Harvest Feast this year.

Oishii: Oh, yes! Our new friends, the Furblix!

Gurk: Feegrix.

Oishii: Oh, apologies! Anyway, isn't it so exciting? We've made contact with an alien species, and they want to be our friends!

Gurk: Nanoo-nanoo.

Oishii: Aren't they just so adorable?

Oishii: And they got here JUST in time for Harvest! We want our new friends to feel welcome and comfortable, so we're going to be incorporating as many of their traditions as we can.

Hero: Yeah? Like what?

Oishii: Well, as you know, Memet has been working with the Furblies-

Gurk: Feegrix.

Oishii: Sorry, working with the Feegrix to create meat that tastes just like the stuff they eat at home.

Hero: Oh, no. Not THAT stuff, please.*

*Talk to Memet to find out aff about her work in the Meat Lab.

Oishii: It's fine! She's promised me she's got the kinks worked out.

Oishii: Anyway, maybe you could help them with anything else we need while I cook all this meat?

Hero: Sure.

Oishii: Thanks! The Furbles will really appreciate it - and I will, too!

Gurk: Sigh.

«Scene fades»

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