Funa-yurei Shrine

Informative Information Kiosk
Hajimemashite. You are currently at the Shrine of the Funa-yurei. Would you like to know more about the Yokai local to the area? Please keep our land clean and do not feed the Yokai. Arigatou gozaimasu.

As one of the most well-known Yokai, the Kappa are turtle-like creatures best known for challenging travelers to mano a mano wrestling matches. Although Kappa are a lot more quick and limber than some would think, these Yokai can easily be repelled with extreme flatulence.

Give it a shot—literally!

Funa-yurei are lost, lonely spirits who have drowned at sea. Equipped with a ship ladle, the Funa-yurei sneak upon unsuspecting vessels, usually during dusk and dawn, and proceed to waterlog the entire boat.

The only way to stop an attack by these Yokai is to offer them your very own ship ladle with a cut-out bottom. Try as they may, the hollowed ladle will not flood your boat, and these pranksters will eventually leave you be.

Nure Onna
Its name literally meaning "wet woman", Nure Onna lives in the shallows of riverbanks, feasting on lone travelers who stumble upon her path. Despite its great length, this half-snake half-woman creature is able to hide just beneath the surface, prepared for an instant attack.

The only defense you have against this Yokai are your legs—if you see the Nure Onna, run the opposite way!

- Prepare Sushi (Gives the player the "Kappa Maki Roll" quest item if they have the required items. Used in the 'Kappa Cuisine' quest)


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