Fun Time!


«Scene: Good Xing and Good Xang drinking at a table in the Brightshadow fortress»

Good Xing: …but then it turned out Gravelyn was fighting for Malgor… on purpose!!

Good Xang: What? No way!!

«Scene: Portal appears behind Good Xing's back and a hand drags Xing into the portal»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: Portal appears in a town and Good Xing falls out of the portal»

Good Xing: Oh, COME ON!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Xang, Ogvar and 4 ShadowFlame soldiers in a forest»

Xing: Alright, you mulchweeds!
Xing: Clearly, trusting someone from the Mirror Realm to get this handled was a bad freakin' idea.
Xing: So, this is your new boss, Ogvar!
Xing: He's here to make sure you dinguses don't screw up.

«Scene: Close up on Xing»

Xing: And I'm here to finally get to have some fun! Tee hee!

«Scene fades»

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