Frostval Peril 5



«Scene: Bob Hatchet and Warlic stand in a snowy wasteland»

Bob Hatchet: Friends! Oh, we're saved! Please, can you help us?

Warlic: Well, I see you've taken me to yet another joyful and festive Frostval.
Warlic: I'm sorry. I've had a really bad day. What is this problem that you need our help with?

Bob Hatchet: A terrible icy warlock has been terrorizing Frostvale every year for… gosh, it's been so long, I've even forgotten what it was like before.
Bob Hatchet: Every year, when winter comes, it's more bitter than the year before.
Bob Hatchet: And this year, the snows are so strong, it's covered up their entire village! Please, help us end this misery once and for all!

«Scene fades»

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