Frostval Peril 3



«Scene: Warlic and Cysero stand in some snowy landscape»

Cysero: Was it just me, or did that seem a lot easier than last time?

Warlic: Well, I suppose we are a lot older and more experienced, now. But that's beside the point!
Warlic: You just took me back in time to fight my worst enemy - AGAIN!
Warlic: If there ever was a Frostval I'd like to forget, it was this one.
Warlic: In fact, if anything, you are actively removing my holiday cheer.

Cysero: Alright, alright, fine. We can find something better.
Cysero: Let's see what Frostval will be like THIS YEAR, once it's all wintry and nice!

«Scene fades»

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