Frostval Peril 2



«Scene: Ice Master Yeti and Warlic stand in some snowy landscape»

Ice Master Yeti: Oh, thank goodness you're here! We need some HELP!

Warlic: Oh no.

Ice Master Yeti: You're not happy to see me. I understand. But don't worry, I've reformed!

Warlic: Yeah. I know. I remember.

Ice Master Yeti: Oh, good! Then you'll help me save all my moglin friends! Their village is under attack from-

Warlic and Ice Master Yeti: Xanta Claus.

«Ice Master Yeti slides away and Lim slides in»

Lim: Soooooo… this might not have been the most festive Frostval either, and I take full responsibility for landing us here.
Lim: But, on the bright side, as soon as we play out this scenario, I can get us out of here!

Warlic: Yaaaaaay.

«Scene fades»

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