Frostfang Rises



«Scene: Good warriors fighting the monsters»

Hero: There we go. Almost back to normal!

Yorumi: Yeah, you can hardly tell that the town was almost destroyed by gruesome monsters.

Blizzy: Hi everyone!
Blizzy: Blizzy is so happy that you heroes have saved Frostval!
Blizzy: Blizzy knows we're safe now! Nothing bad will-

«Scene: Hero covers Blizzy's mouth»

Blizzy: Mmmffnnn mmw!

«Scene: Dage The Evil and the Dark Winter mountains»

«Scene: Hero, Yorumi and Blizzy»

Hero: Dangit! Every single time!

«Scene: Dage The Evil laughs»

Dage The Evil: Is the fighting over? That's ok, you all deserve a break!
Dage The Evil: Everyone has worked so hard to help my vision become reality!

«Scene: Hero, Yorumi and the Peasants»

Dage The Evil: …my glorious, dark winter!
Dage The Evil: It only took a week, and you've already helped me harvest all the souls I need-
Dage The Evil: Actually, it looks like I'm one short…

«Scene: Warrior defeats a White Stalker»

«White Stalker's soul flies to Dage The Evil»

Dage The Evil: -all the souls I need to awaken my new creation!

«Scene: Frostfang awakes»

«Scene: Hero, Yorumi and the Peasants with Frostfang approaching»

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