Frogerion/Escherion Defeated


«Scene fades in with Escherion speaking, leaned over after being defeated»

Escherion: *pant pant* Impressive. Perhaps you are not as much of a weakling as I thought.

Hero: What do you mean by "Perhaps"?!
Hero: I just owned you!

Hero: Now in the name of Gravelyn, Empress of the Shadowscythe…
Hero: …this valley is no longer yours. Leave it…
Hero: …and let everyone see that you bow to the forces of Evil!

Escherion: I… I suppose I have no choice.
Escherion: I underestimated you, hero. You didn't look that powerful to me…
Escherion: …but you have shown me that it is really what's on the inside that counts…

«Escherion grabs the Chaotic Staff of Inversion, standing up»

Escherion: So I will turn you INSIDE OUT to avoid making that mistake again! HAHAHAHA!

«Escherion shoots a ray from his Chaotic Staff of Inversion, but the Hero reflects it with a mirror and it hits Escherion»

Escherion: You made me INVERT MYSELF!

Hero: Good thing I held onto this magic mirror I found in the Ruins.
Hero: Hmmmm. You don't look much different turned inside out.

Escherion: I'm not inside out, fool. The spell must have had no effect on me.
Escherion: Perhaps I should stick with some classic mage spells to destroy you….
Escherion: Like FIREBALL!

«Excherion tries to cast Fireball, only for it to cast upon himself. Following that, he casts an ice spell, and again it casts upon himself»

Escherion: Fine…. POLYMORPH!

«Escherion casts a spell and turns himself into a frog»

Hero: Huh… I guess you inverted your powers.
Hero: Every spell you try to cast on me, you actually cast on yourself.

Escherions: *ribbit ribbit*

Hero: I'm sure you just said something very rude in froggy.

Otto: I feel like myself again!

Anna: We've been saved! We're free!

Surrounding Villager (Left): HOORAY!
Surrounding Villager (Middle): Mobius is free!
Surrounding Villager (Right): This is great!

Otto: Why is that frog standing on a huge block of ice?

Hero: It looks like you're pretty harmless now, Chaos Lord Escherion…
Hero: …Even if you change yourself back, your spells will only harm you.
Hero: Mobius, The Faerie Forest, The Ruins… all of Chiral Valley is no longer under your rule.
Hero: Goodbye, Escherion. It has been a Toad-ally un-frog-ettable experience!

«Scene changes to Drakath at his Chaos Gate»

Drakath: What an…. entertaining…. turn of events.
Drakath: Escherion has been defeated and Chiral Valley has been freed.
Drakath: But that is the nature of Chaos: unpredictable.

Drakath: Escherion served my purpose well.
Drakath: The Lake Hydra was free, destroying one of the seals. It's only a matter of time.
Drakath: But Escherion couldn't have done it alone. That hero found him the cube.

Drakath: I hope you had fun Hero….
Drakath: The next LORD of CHAOS has ALREADY been chosen!

«Scene fades out with Drakath laughing as it zooms out, and finally fades out»

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