DeathKnight Trainer
Not much in this life makes sense anymore. I’m not supposed to be here but yet, here I stand before you. Some may call me an abomination. A scourge on this land, however, there are some who wish to learn the ways of this devilish power. Which one might you be?

What is a DeathKnight?
Have you been pulled from the cold comfort of death to serve a new Master? Or has your own will pulled you back to the land of the living to continue fighting? But what is it that you’re fighting for exactly?

How to get?
To become a DeathKnight, You will need Rank 10 Doomwood and can purchase it inside the Doomwood Rep shop at /Lightguard Or you may purchase it inside the Class Shop for Adventure Coins.

- Lightguard
- Member Class Shop
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Fighter
DeathKnights are a single target defensive based class. Their skills do no direct damage, instead applying Damage Over Time effects that debuff their opponent and prevent them from healing. Physical damage based attacks generally have little effect against them, but Magical attacks will likely send them fleeing to the Necropolis!

Location: Class Hall B


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