Free, Strong and Wise / Free and Strong


«Scene: Hero in front of a dazed Khasaanda on Dream Nexus.»

Khasaanda: You DO know how to handle yourself against Chaos.
Khasaanda: Think what we could DO if we were working together! Or at least, not working AGAINST each other?

«Hero starts rubbing his head with his hand.»

Hero: You meant that, about hunting Drakath down, didn't you?
Hero: You know he'll never expect that. He thinks you're dead.

Khasaanda: Exactly.

«Screen moves to She Who Answers.»

She Who Answers: You never fit in your home. Your power too strong, your vision too clear. You made them… uncomfortable.

«Screen zooms out showing She Who Answers, Hero, and Khasaanda on Dream Nexus.»

She Who Answers: If you wanted a purpose, a reason to Be, then your path is clear. You do not need to ask what you should do.

«Hero turns his head towards Khasaanda.»

Khasaanda: You cannot predict what does not exist. And I - I am no longer myself, no longer here.

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda.»

Khasaanda: He will not see me coming until it is too late. I will track him, I will find him.
Khasaanda: And when the time is right… I will END him.

«Screen zooms out showing She Who Answers, Hero, and Khasaanda again.»
«Hero raises his weapon.»

Hero: Not if I get to him first!

Khasaanda: Agreed. He will never expect you to ally with Chaos to FIGHT Chaos.

«Screen zooms in on Hero.»
«Hero raises his fist.»

Hero: Drakath has made mistakes before. He'll make more. And I will be there making sure he does!

«Screen moves to Khasaanda.»

Khasaanda: Farewell, <Hero>. We will meet again, I know. I have Seen it.

«Screen fades.»

«Scene: She Who Answers talking to all the Trolls and Horcs in Crossroads.»

She Who Answers: My children, I belong to all of you. I bear the blood of both, as all Oracles before me have.
She Who Answers: I am sworn to aid and guide. I have long answered your queries by asking questions of my own. You KNOW the answers to what you seek…
She Who Answers: I am merely the vehicle to help you see more clearly what is and what must be.

«Screen zooms in on Kagg, Sokrakiis, and Hero.»

Hero: Sokrakiis, Kagg… ALL of you! When I came, a hidden Chaos Lord was slowly ripping your land and people apart.
Hero: The Alliance could not aid you, and the rift between your peoples was too great..

«Screen zooms out showing She Who Answers, Hero, and all the Trolls and Horcs in Crossroads.»

Hero: I have great respect for you and your land. I know that together, you can be greater than you once were, long ago.
Hero: We have talked, the three of us, with She Who answers.
Hero: Out of much distrust, fear, and rage against what Fate and Chaos have forced upon you -

«Screen zooms in on Kagg and Sokrakiis.»

Sokrakiis: We feel that everything we have been through has been for good. Khasaanda has the potential - the power - to do much harm to Drakath.

Kagg: She is, in her heart, still OURS. Child of the Ravine.

«Screen moves to She Who Answers and Hero.»

Hero: She will USE Chaos to battle it. But the rest of you -

She Who Answers: You know, my children, that with the Chaorruption of the Arashtite Ore
She Who Answers: We will ALL, in time, become Chaorrupted. It has already begun.

«Screen moves to Druuz and Rawg.»

Druuz: We talked, Rawg and me. We are warriors, expert in Troll AND Horc battle techniques.

Rawg: We will NOT sit here, waiting for Chaorruption to destroy our minds and hearts.

Druuz: If Khasaanda will fight Chaos, hunting Drakath, then WE will find her.

Rawg: Find her and join her in any battles she may face. Even a Chaos Lord can use shield-brothers.

«Screen moves to Kagg, Sokrakiis, and Hero.»
«Hero raises his weapon.»

Hero: There are tricks for fighting Chaos. Before you go, we will go over them. You'll be as prepared as I was going into battle.

Sokrakiis: For the rest of us… we will remain here. Horcs and Trolls sharing knowledge, working together -

Kagg: Blending talent and trade, might and mind, we WILL find a cure for Chaorruption.

«Screen zooms out showing She Who Answers, Hero, and all the Trolls and Horcs in Crossroads.»

She Who Answers: I thank you, <Hero>, for helping to unite my children when war, death and Chaos ripped them apart.

Hero: They have shown me much. Battle skills and magic, loyalty and honor… I am stronger for knowing them.

Sokrakiis: You have learned much, <Hero>, and taught more. Be ever free and strong!

Kagg: And Iron and Gold will keep you wise!

«Scene fades»

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