«Scene: Twilly stands on the ground outside of the cage, with the Hero and Scourge»

Twilly: Twilly is so glad to be out of that cage!

Scourge: Better watch your back this time so you don't get caught again.

Twilly: *gasp* Did you just threaten me?

Scourge: Ugh! No! I just don't want to have to rescue you again!

Hero: Guys. GUYS. Come on.
Hero: You were both here investigating, right?

Twilly & Scourge: Yes.

Hero: So, what did you find?

Scourge: It looks like the moglins are actually being harvested for their magical energy.
Scourge: I found vials of the stuff, machines they were using to extract it.

Twilly: Moglin magic is unique - it manifests differently in each of us.

Hero: Like how you're a healing moglin, and Zorbak is a necromancer.

Twilly: Right! But it all comes from the same source.

Scourge: So, it's not hard to imagine why someone might want to get their hands on the stuff.

«Scene fades»

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