Freaki Tiki (Cutscene)


«Scene: Hero standing in a beach»

Hero: What the heck?
Hero: How'd I get here?

«Memet appears on a box»

Memet: Pssshh, don't worry about that.
Memet: You're at the beach! Just enjoy your nice, tropical vacation!

Hero: Oh god, please no. I'm still having flashbacks from last time.
Hero: Whatever kind of weird fear tests you want to run, leave me out of it.

Memet: What? Nooooo! Nothing like that is happening here!
Memet: I have embarked on a new endeavor!

«Scene: a tiki bar with a "Freaki Tiki" sign on top of it»

Memet: I've opened a tiki bar!

«Scene: Hero and Memet»

Hero: Uh, ok.
Hero: Can't say I saw that one coming.
Hero: So I'm here to do… what, exactly?

Memet: Help me try out new drinks, of course! I've got to expand my menu before I can get this thing rolling!
Memet: I can't pay you, since I haven't made any money yet.
Memet: Buuuuut… the drinks are free! All the icy, sugary goodness you can handle!

Hero: Aww, yeah! NOW we're talking!
Hero: Ok, I'm in! Let's do this!

«Scene fades»

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