Freaki Tiki Beach





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Map Name: freakitiki
Room Limit: 6
Access Points:


  • On Screen 2, you can mix the 4 ingredients to form a drink. After you are finished mixing, you can go back to Screen 1 and click on the Blue Tiki on the side of the bar to feed your mixed ingredients to it.
    • Mixing Ice and Carbonated Water will create a Blue Moglin.
    • Mixing Ice, then using the Blender, then mixing Sugar will create an El Captain Rhubarb.
    • Mixing Carbonated Water, adding Ice, and then using a Blender, then adding Sugar, and lastly using the Fire Torch will create a Blazing Beard.
  • Must defeat all enemies on Screen 9 and onward in order to pass.

Thanks to Eldant and Harrison.

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